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11/22/09 09:43 AM #25    

Allen Jones (Sterrenberg)

There was no Guinness but there was amazing affection for each other. It was a spectacular event last night and the Reunion Committee did a fantastic job. The atmosphere was so jovial and warm it was well worth the trip from Chicago.

11/22/09 10:54 AM #26    

Khristen Andrade (Haworth)

Wow!! Thank you so much to all who set up the reunion. I had a wonderful time. It was great to see everyone even if I did need frequent reminders of who people were (dementia).

11/23/09 09:09 AM #27    

Maryellen Vasconcellos (Schwartz)

Thanks to the reunion committee for putting together such a great event. It was great to everyone happy and doing well.

11/23/09 10:57 AM #28    

Christopher Gibson

So good to see everyone at the reunion. It definitely didn't feel like 20 years since I saw alot of you. Great job Missy, Lora, Jonny, Jenn, and Jaybo!

11/23/09 01:05 PM #29    

Melissa Aguiar (Mello)

It was so great to see so many people interacting with each other. It didn't matter if you didn't speak a word in school or not. We all joined as one at this reunion. It has made my experience to help organize this well worth it. I really enjoyed chatting with you all. P.S. Everyone looks AMAZING!!!!!!!! See you in another 10.

11/23/09 02:07 PM #30    

David Purdy

I totally agree. Great to see so many of our classmates come out and have a good time together. Well done committee!!

11/23/09 04:07 PM #31    

Elizabeth Medbury

To the Committee of the Class of '89:
Thank you all for the wonderful experience. It was so good to see everyone after all of these years! You did a wonderful job!

11/23/09 10:17 PM #32    

Colleen Enos (Van Horn)

I had such a wonderful time at the reunion. It was so great to see everyone again. Many thanks to Jay & everyone on the reunion committee for doing such a fantastic job!

11/24/09 07:53 AM #33    

Frank Kingsley

To the committee - thank you SO much for all your hard work & doing this. It was great seeing everyone.

11/24/09 08:58 PM #34    

Cheryl Guerette (Mickel)

A big thank you to the committee. It was well worth the trip from Florida to see everyone. You all look great...can't wait to see you at the next one.

11/25/09 10:35 AM #35    

Thomas Blakey

My thanks to the committee, as well.
I certainly hope I'm not 48 before we all get together again at the "30 yr" (hint hint...and yes, I will help organize).

Great to see everyone. Even better to see that most made it across the way to the 'after hours'; a testament to our youth.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
Go Case, beat Scumerset!

11/25/09 10:38 AM #36    

Thomas Blakey

Oh, and special thanks to Franky C. for the ride home at, well, the wee hours of the morning (screw you, Ted!).

Jason, your generosity and friendship never ceases to amaze me (you, too Anu!).

11/25/09 06:36 PM #37    

Crystal Cormier

It was so nice to see everyone again. Everything was perfect! Thank You to the Reunion committee. Great work ! the only regret- I didn't utilize the camera that I brought.

11/27/09 01:09 PM #38    

Allen Jones (Sterrenberg)

What??? There was an "after hours" party? I guess I'll forever be the geeky kid who never gets invited. Just as well, I'd have slept through it anyway; I barely make 9p on any given weekday.

11/29/09 02:24 PM #39    

Jennifer Marsh (DeTerra)

Thank you to the committee for everything. It was nice seeing everyone again I had a good time. I agree with Tommy Blakey on having another one sooner! :)

11/30/09 08:01 PM #40    

Thomas Blakey

No way Allen. We're all geeks in our own right. I know I certainly am.
All were talking about 'what's next' and wanting to keep the party going...and so we ended up going to a bar (Playoffs) right across the street from the Fall River Country Club.
Sorry you missed it.
Next time (maybe in 5 yrs...not 10)

11/30/09 08:03 PM #41    

Thomas Blakey

And I'm with Crystal...
I, too, brought a camera and took not ONE photo.
I'm the worst.

I do remember seeing a few cameras though. Tony B., c'mon your profession is "photographer"!! Post some photos to the website! haha.

12/01/09 11:12 AM #42    

Cheryl Guerette (Mickel)

I had the best time at Playoffs! Looking around the dance floor seeing my old buddies shakin' what their momma gave um to Journey...was priceless! We should do a planned informal get together the night before the reunion next time. I'll help plan :). And, put me down for the 5 year push!

12/01/09 04:50 PM #43    

Edward Myles

I will not help plan and I won't appreciate any efforts made by others but I will have a great time at the event...please get to work on the 25, or 20.5, let's go, ante up!

12/06/09 10:43 AM #44    

Jason Ollerhead

I posted some pictures of the reunion under my name in the classmate profiles section but I still expect a lot of assistance from people who brought cameras.

12/07/09 12:40 PM #45    

Allen Jones (Sterrenberg)

Jason, I put some up, too. It's a good thing I brought Brad because I never remembered to take any pictures. He took them all. What a cutie.

12/19/09 09:05 AM #46    

Antone M Bothelo III

I'm embarrassed to admit that I brought my camera and took a total of FIVE photos. That's it. Five. I was just too busy saying hello and catching up with folks that I completely forgot to take pics.

It was a fantastic time, but the night went by too fast. I'm sure there were plenty of people that I didn't get a chance to say hi to.

12/26/09 09:17 AM #47    

Allen Jones (Sterrenberg)

I hope everyone had a nice holiday; your take was vast and the heart behind each item immense. I sincerely hope no one else dies before the next reunion.

12/28/10 06:41 PM #48    

Allen Jones (Sterrenberg)

Well, it's almost 2011 and so far it looks like no one has died this year.  YAYYY!  I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe New Year's Eve.

09/10/11 02:34 PM #49    

Christopher J. Doyle

My condolences to the family of our classmate Heather Eastwood. She passed away September 8th.

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